Łódź attractive for BPO

Although it is difficult for Łódź to be competitive among bigger cities, the companies from business services sector want to locate their offices there.

Although it is difficult for Łódź to be competitive among bigger cities, the companies from business services sector want to locate their offices there. The investors are drawn by constantly better infrastructure, but first of all by human potential. Łódź - an academic city, is a place of well-educated people, having very good knowledge of foreign languages. It is also a city of unused potential, and, most importantly, a cheap one. Monthly asking rents are between 11-14 Euro/m.2 However, uninhibited flats rate on office real estate market amounts to about 20% and is a result of incorrect reading of signals concerning expected demand. Nevertheless, there are companies, which are commissioned to build next office buildings. Office market in Łódź is starting to regenerate and recent transactions are a proof of that.

Hines Polska

Tate&Lyle company appreciated Łódź's resources and will soon be opening its branch in the city. The office building will be located near Park Helenów. The investor has chosen Streringa street, which is near the centre. The company has signed a seven-year lease contract with Hines Polska,  owner of Stering Busines Center. Tate&Lyle will lease over 2,6 thousand m2. of office space. Tate&Lyle service centre (which do finances, bookkeeping and IT work) will be located on fourth and fifth storeys of the building. The company has started recruitment for the branch. About 180 people will work there.


April was an important month for office market in Łódź. Infosys BPO Poland and Skanska have announced the finalisation of the transaction. Former Infosys building was located on Aleja Piłsudskiego, just besides Galeria Łódzka. In connection to company's development, Infosys plans to hire about 300 people in the next two years and is needing a bigger place. It plans to move into an office building built by Skanska near Rondo Solidarności – Green Horizon - in the October of the following year. In the first stage, Skanska plans to build 19 thousand m2. of office space, in the second 14 thousand m2. (during that stage, the works will be dependent on the clients' interest). Skanska plans to move its branch to that building, and Infosys will lease 11,5 thousand m2.


GTC, company, which owns office building complex, University Business Park, located between Aleja Kościuszki and Wólczańską street, will have new tenants. Companies which plan to move there are: Bankruptcy Managment Solutions, Tax Care and Pharmena. Together they will lease 850 m2 on Aleja Kościuszki, joining previous tenants, for example Kredyt Bank, Hermann Kirchner Polska.

Mermaid Properties

Tenants will also soon move into former Próchnik place, adapted to a modern office building and named Cross Point. Mermaid Properties company – the owner of the building, has already signed a few contracts, among others, with TVN and with Łódź branches of ITI Group: Onet.pl and Zumi. Lease contracts were also signed with Trust  Properties, Mostostal Warszawa and Konica Minolta Business Solution.

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