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There is one question that comes to mind while arranging offices: how to create a modern space with lots of facilitations for employees?

There is one question that comes to mind while arranging offices: how to create a modern space with lots of facilitations for employees, which at the same time enables effective work? The answer is simple: arrange your office together with employees.

Employee comes up with a new idea

Deloitte is an example of company which took advantage of employees while arranging their office space in the Warsaw Q22 office, where it will occupy more than 11 000 sq. m. We wanted our office to meet the needs of people employed in our company. We invited employees of different departments and with varying degrees of experience to work in discussion groups and suggest ideas for planning space in the new office. Additionally, we invited all people to co-design the office and to share with their own ideas in the specially created virtual platform of ideas – points out Krzysztof Kwiecień, Chairman of HR of Deloitte, Poland and Central Europe. The platform was a chance for employees to share with their ideas, for instance, on general look of space, kitchen or meeting rooms. 377 people decided to get involved and 95 ideas were suggested within three months. Moreover, special workshops with employees were organized. They included discussion on facilitations for bicyclists and motorcyclists. All people eager to help tested different elements of equipment (e.g. chairs). Designed arrangement solutions could be also tested in the "exhibition space".


Arrangement by Deloitte

The person responsible for a new design project of Deloitte is Zbigniew Kostrzewa and his architectural studio IN DESIGN. The major part of Deloitte in Q22 was arranged in accordance with the principles of Activity Based Workplace. In effect, the office is divided into different zones intended for creative work, team work, design work, or relaxation and informal meetings. Open space definitely dominates and most of desks are not assigned to concrete people (the exception is the post of chairmen). In spite of dominance of open space, there are also rooms for tasks that require concentration, or rooms for conducting telephone calls. Thanks to our new arrangement, we see and talk to each other more frequently, what actually enhances the process of exchanging knowledge and experience – says Marek Metrycki, Chairman of Deloitte, Poland.


Life outside the office

Office is a place which is to serve employees and it is a crucial issue while arranging working space. For instance, employees, clients and guests of Deloitte have a cafeteria at their disposal, which also provides them with places intended for work. Moreover, free Fitness Club for employees of all tenants of Q22 as well as big conference center and childcare room are located on the 14th floor of the building.


Taking care of ecology

The environment was also taken into consideration while arranging the new office of Deloitte. For example, the setting of big number of screens, which limit the printing of documents on paper, were planned during the process of designing office space. Employees of Deloitte can also take care of the environment by commuting by bicycles or public transport instead of cars. Bicyclists have an underground garage for bicycles and changing room with showers as well as workshop, where they can do some small repairs, at their disposal.


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