How to meet the needs of your employees? – 5 tips

Employees were engaged in arrangement of their office and they chose themes on particular floors
Employees spend many hours in their offices and thus the appearance of such rooms is of great importance. Fortunately, modern registered offices are more frequently orientated to flexible model of work, which brings profits not only to clients but also to employees.

3. Make the access to work easier

An important issue for employees is the location of their office. The every-day commuting to work, which is often difficult, can reduce effectiveness and motivation because employees use much of their energy for changing buses. There are also discussions on primacy of the office in the city center over the office on the fringe of the city, and the other way round. The preference for one or the other option depends on place of residence. However, it is often not about the location but the communication. For instance, many employees of Aviva considered fast access to the office by different means of communication as a very important factor at choosing Gdański Business Center. It enables proximity to metro or railway stations as well as tram and bus stations. Employees can commute to work by bicycles to their new headquarters and they have ca. 100 parking places for single-track vehicles at their disposal. Additionally, offices provide employees with showers or changing rooms.


4. Adjustment to tasks

Employees have to face various challenges every day, and offices are more and more frequently adjusted in such a way to enable them the performance of their duties. The example is the concept of Active-Based Working, which consists in division of space into zones for performance of a given task. Employees appreciate the possibility of realizing a concrete task in a place which is the most optimal for that. Aviva is an example of company which arranged its office in Gdański Business Center in such a way; there are specially divided zones in the office which are intended for performance of tasks of various dynamics, that is individual or team work. The new office has no separate offices for chairmen and the company departed from the hierarchical model of work for more partner form of cooperation. Call center of Aviva operates in the same office space as headquarters of the company.


5. Depart from classic

Modern offices often introduce a number of facilitations which were beyond reach for employees in the past. It is difficult to find e.g. play rooms equipped with football tables in classical offices these days. For instance, the headquarters of Aviva offers more than 100 different rooms in total, which were designed for effective organization of work. The untypical premises are: library, room for adults and children or zone described by employees as Beach Bar, where everyone can talk, work, or eat lunch. It was arranged in the submarine style cafe with a direct exit on a multifunctional terrace. The entire office space is to meet the needs of employees and thus support their creativity and cooperation – says Monika Kulińska, People Director of Aviva. 


Companies are currently more engaged in the issue of comfort of employees in their work place and thus they can realize their tasks more efficiently. They allow to engage them in arrangement of headquarters or to give opinions on appearance of the office. How modern offices respond to the needs of employees? They depart from classical appearance and offer many untypical rooms. Although we presented the example of the newest registered office of Aviva in Gdański Business Center in Warsaw, it is worth noticing that many such interesting offices are currently realized on the market.


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