A walk after work, that is the overview of offices with an easy access to greenery

Lobos is situated in close proximity to Park Lotników Polskich (Polish Pilots Park) in Krakow
Are you looking for a new office in a small building with an easy access to greenery? If so, you will be pleased to hear that the number of small structures in close proximity to city parks or other green areas is still increasing in Poland.

Take a walk in the park


Lobos office is situated in a dynamically developing district in Krakow, that is Czyżyny. It is a building with 4 aboveground tiers, which is consistent with the requirements of the LEED certificate at the highest Platinum level. However, it is worth pointing out that the investor cares about the both natural environment and work environment. While he was planning this investment, he took the establishment of a stimulating surrounding into consideration. Thus, the building is located in close proximity (only 5 minutes) to Park Lotników Polskich (Polish Pilots Park), which is one of the largest parks in Krakow. Such places definitely favor enhancement of work because they enable recreation and relaxation of employees.


Another Krakow office – Kalwaryjska 33 – is currently being realized in the neighborhood of two green areas. Kalwaryjska 33 is a four-tier office, service and commercial building offering more than 4000 sq. m in total. Employees of this office can relax after work in Planty im. Floriana Nowackiego or Park Wojciecha Bednarskiego. Planty im. Floriana Nowackiego constitutes a green area located at the influx of the Wilga River to the Vistula River and it is the oldest park of Krakow's Podgórze. Park Bednarskiego is a city landscape park with the view of the city. It is situated in the neighborhood of the old part of Podgórze and in the surrounding of the former quarry. The access to the park is available from Kalwaryjska Street.


The capital is often associated with skyscrapers and busy streets, however, it is also a place where many small offices are located. The example is C12A, which is situated in the Warsaw's Wola district between Górczewska and Obozowa Streets. This developer project is realized by Satoria Group and it offers nearly 9000 sq. m of high class office space on six tiers. C12A is located in close proximity to the vast green areas such as Park Moczydło and Lasek na Kole, which are good places for relaxing and clearing your mind in the neighborhood of the city center.



Office surrounded with greenery



There are a lot of investments surrounded with greenery which enable work in small offices in Lower Silesia. The example is Wrocławski Park Biznesu managed by Devco. It is an office building class A situated at Strzegomska Street. It offers offices in a low and small development surrounded with greenery. Devco was motivated by the idea of preparing a place for business which will enable not only intensive work but also a friendly space for relaxation. Wrocławski Park Biznesu constitutes a complex of twelve buildings, fountain in the city center and surrounding greenery. There are e.g. restaurant, basketball court and ping-pong table on the area of this investment.


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