Safely back to the office. Video guide

We already know it will be impossible to come back to the office as we know it from before the pandemic.

In order for the office to resume its function as a meeting place and a space for exchanging creative ideas, it needs to be transformed. The employees need to be sure that safety and health come first in their new workplace. To this end, it’s good to have some clear rules.

The most frequent fears among the employees involve health and safety.

  • Will I have to wear a mask all the time while I’m at work?
  • Will everybody follow the rules?

The worst thing in this situation is disinformation and lack of coherent rules. Before you invite your employees to return to the office, you need to make sure they will feel secure and comfortable. Plus, you will have to introduce essential safety measures. Formulating clear rules is an important element, which will make it easier for you to cope with the dynamic situation in the wake of the pandemic.

Have a look at our video guide to the new reality and see how office rules have changed.


When the employees are familiar with clear and comprehensible guidelines and know how to behave once they are back in the office, they will feel much safer. Sometimes it doesn’t take much.

Find more tips on how to organise a safe comeback to the office and explore the new report by Nowy Styl — „Welcome back… to the office!”.

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