#MakeYourSpaceColorful: The Importance Of Office Decor


The appropriately selected decorations are a really important matter while designing any office interior. Why? Colors, materials and textures do have a great impact on people who spend time in that kind of space. They can have a positive influence, soothe and encourage us to act. The effect may be quite the opposite too – they can irritate and distract us. Find out what experts actually think about this subject. See the video with the architects of Nowy Styl who are responsible for impressions made on people who enter office spaces, showrooms and stalls around the world.


The Choice Of Materials For Interior Design

Nowadays, the meaning of office space is constantly growing, as well as the awareness of employees. Interior design has become an important element of employer branding to any company that wants to stand out on the market by taking care of both comfort and workplace ergonomics. The interior should reflect the image of the company and respond to the needs of its employees and the specifics of performed tasks. Hence, the project of an innovative office is a complex process. One of the aspects which should be taken into consideration is the choice of materials.

- The point is that current trends are user-oriented so they could feel comfortable in their office space and have a feeling of belongingness to their company and brands for whom they work – Sandra Foppen, the architect of Nowy Styl, points out what profits brings the right selection of textures.

Do you want to find out more? See the video.


Decor is all about taints and the whole variety of textures, shapes and colors that stimulate senses such as sight and touch. What matters in office design are not only the colors but also the used materials and careful choice of certain design elements.

Office furniture should fit the style of the room – this is obvious, but, most of all, they need to meet the expectations of users and serve as the response to their needs. It has a huge influence on what we do, how we understand our products, and how we produce them – says Marcin Magier, the architect of Nowy Styl.

How does the offer of Nowy Styl differ from others? If you want to find out, see the video.


Office Design: Trends

The well-designed and functional office does not have to be the same as the others. Spacious offices should favor integration, boost creativity and influence the good well-being of employees. It is worth drawing inspiration from trends while designing your workplace. Fashionable decorations and the latest inspirations should not be avoided.

According to the Pantone Color Institute, Classic Blue (heaven at night) will be the most popular color of the year 2020.

Greenery and more balanced materials are also desired in office interior design as they bring beauty and style with no harm for nature – says Agnieszka Niedzielska, the architect of Nowy Styl.

See the video and check out what solutions will soon dominate in office interiors.



The variety of available materials allows us to create different kinds of experiences. A warm and comfortable office that is similar to house space, soothing biophilic design or industrial solution in a modern house? It can be achieved with the use of the same elements of equipment and evoke emotion any customer would like to have in their office space.

Color trends and trends that concern material structures are constantly changing. Nowy Styl is carefully observing every trend. The company prepared a new concept of template based on it. The renewed offer, new fabrics and consistent color palette – many solutions and certainty of the highest quality.

Inspire yourself by watching the new template of Nowy Styl


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