Jacek Danielewski Blog: Notes to ISO standards - Facility Management

4u-Noise Association submitted comments on the draft ISO standards.

ISO/CD 18480-1 Facility Management —  — Part 1: Terms and definitions

ISO/CD 18480-2.6 Facilities Management — Guidance on the sourcing process and  development of agreements


Note to ISO/CD 18480- 1

Place in the standard: Paragraph 3.2

Content changed: “built environment” -  definition

Comment: Correlation of vocabulary between suppliers and users of construction product.

Proposed changes:  alternative definition, source of definition  - ISO 15392:2008

"built environment" - collection of man-made or induced physical objects located in a particular area or region.


Note to ISO/CD 18480- 2

Place in the standard: Table B.1 B.7.5

Content changed: "noise” – in the column Proposed content

Comment: Noise is a symptom of the state of the built environment.  It is more reasonably to perceive acoustic properties, including the parameters of the acoustic climate, as the properties of the construction product.  Standard for acoustic quality of the built environment and its components on a macro and micro level contains a very archaic system of thought related to the protection of hearing, not related to expectations regarding the quality of life and functioning of users using the building product.

Proposed changes:  “sound and noise”

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