Adam Sikorski Opinion about: Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway and new perspectives of business in Tricity

JLL, an international consulting company, prepared a report titled „Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway – new perspectives of Pomeranian real estate market”. Will a railway influence on improvement in Tricity business and enhance the situation on real estate market? read full article >

Pomeranian Metropolian Railway has actually a chance to be as much important for Tricity as the second line of metro is for Warsaw. First and foremost, it will be contribute to a greater mobility of present and potential employees in companies functioning in Tricity and it will certainly connect another areas within the metropolis. It is the next milestone in development of Pomeranian infrastructure as well as additional argument for choosing Tricity by investors. 


The building of Pomeranian Metropolian Railway favors development of Olivia Business Center as well as comfort of people working on the area of our office center. At present, many people are commuting in the area of OBC by means of a municipal transport. Thanks to PMR, they do not have to change trains and time of their arrival is much shorter. Moreover, it means that our present and future residents are more pleased, and thus – more productive. The inhabitants of Tricity who do not use PMR will certainly notice improvement in the quality of life in a longer perspective because some of the route arteries will be relieved.  


The development of a communicational infrastructure, universities, airport as well as another business and service centers is a part of a big boom and it indicates the best time for investments in this region. I am convinced that in the face of such an intensive progress, Tricity may compete with Warsaw, Cracow or Poznań in getting a status of a metropolis which favors development of business.  

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