Piotr Opałacz Opinion about: Under control, that is modern safety systems

The science should not be only an empty phrase or „art for art's sake”. Such a headword motivates the Jagiellonian Center of Innovation, an institution which is aimed at commercialization of science and its combination with business – as two parallel fields. read full article >

In case of choosing safety systems, we have to start with defining our needs. I am a supporter of innovative and integrated systems. However, a sensible compromise should be reached while finding a solution. I believe that a system should first and foremost increase the safety and simplify the management of a building. The common mistake made by investors is implementation of sophisticated functionalities which will not be used in the future. If a vision comes from a designer, there is a risk that it will cross with needs of a user or he will not realize all possibilities of a system. Fortunately, the awareness of investors is growing thanks to popular trainings organized by producers. The investors often order a consultancy of experienced companies in order to know what benefits may be gained or how to plan an optimal solution. Such activity gives a certainty that delivered and often personalized solution will meet demands of an user and stick to their budget.

Life Science Park complex is an example when the investor has a wide knowledge and familiarity with the market. It allowed him to define concrete needs, thanks to which he received a functional system which is fully used. 

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