„Show your child where you work”

Fun in Millenium Plaza
Under the motto of the action addressed to parents working in the Warsaw office of Millennium Plaza. For years, he organized the farewell Atlas Estates.

The event employees of companies with offices in the building for the day they bring their children to work and take advantage of the free program for children. About 70 children attended the action. The program includes classes led by animators, among them workshops balloon, coral, and finger puppets. Simultaneously worked several zones of attractions - "Become a builder", "world map" blown "toys" toddler zone, cinema or place of refreshments. Children took part in competitions with prizes and admired the panorama of Warsaw from the observation deck of the Millennium Plaza, and the parents as far as possible guided them at their offices.


Similar actions are very popular in the United States, where care is even a special day on which the company open to the children of their employees. This type of occasions is a chance for children to see what the professional work and can be proud of the fact that their parents are doing important and socially useful tasks. Older school children have also the possibility of practical knowledge, what are the obligations related to the exercise of specific professions and confront this with their ideas - says Magdalena Izdebska, Leasing Specialist at Millennium Plaza.


The action also joined the tenant of the building - Turkish Airlines airline and travel agency Neckermann been funded goodies for prizes for contests, and dining options prepared meals for children and special offers for families.


The event took place at the farewell year on 29 August and has been organized by the Atlas Estates together with specializing in children's events company zigzags.


Millennium Plaza is a 112-meter office and commercial building, which at 28 floors, offers 34 000 sqm. of commercial space, including 28 000 sqm. of Class B + office. Skyscraper has 539 parking spaces. Office space rent institutions, such as Dell, Groupon, WIPRO, United Oilfield Services, Embassy of Mexico, the airline Turkish Airlines or conference center Golden Floor. The hotel is located at Jerusalem Avenue 123A.

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