In love with Warsaw

One of the awarded photographs, author: Monika Gliga
One of the awarded photographs, author: Michał Wyszyński
The winners of the Valentine’s Day competition organized by Ghelamco on 14th February participated in an untypical photo session against the panorama of the city.

The photographs were made on the 35th floor of Warsaw Spire building where the word „LOVE” forming a light illumination – „I LOVE WARSAW” is situated. The heart, that is „O” letter in the word „LOVE”, is 4,5 m high and the whole writing is hung 140 meters above the ground and occupies jointly 3 tiers of the office. „In love with Warsaw” competition was organized by Sztuka w Mieście Foundation founded by Ghelamco company.


In the competition, three photographs were awarded and two pictures presenting Warsaw Spire were distinguished among 100 sent works.

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