Security and Reliability of IT Systems


City : Warszawa
Place : Hotel Novotel Airport
Date : 18.09.2012
Hour : 08:00 - 20:00
Status : closed

We invite you to participate in the 13th edition of the conference BIN GigaCon – Security and Reliability of IT Systems!

Thanks to experts’ lectures and products’ expositions, which will help to create a complex and reliable system to secure network and company’s data, the knowledge on strategies and technical issues will be presented. Open talks will provide with information on how to avoid intrusions, failures and loss of valuable information and how to invest in IT infrastructure in a reasonable way, what are the new endangerments from the network and how to defend against them.

The conference will be accompanied by exposition of solutions, independent experts will share their knowledge.

Media patron of the conference is PWN Publishing, the publisher of the book Information Security. The publishing house also prepared a special 20% discount for the participants.

Inaugural lecture will be given by the author of the book – Krzysztof Liderman, Phd Sc.!!!

Main sponsor: Fast Group
Sponsor: APC
Partner: Softex Data, Cyberoam, SPS Poland
Participating company:

We invite the representatives and managers of the following branches to participate: telecommunication, banking, financial, insurance, administrative, health service, educational, industrial and widely understood service branch; people working as: IT department managers, security officers, network and protecting systems administrators and all responsible for the strategy and maintaining security in a company.  

The participation in the conference is FREE!

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