IT in Health Service GigaCon


City : Warszawa
Place :
Date : 20.09.2012
Hour : 08:00 - 20:00
Status : closed

We heartily invite you to participate in the free conference, whose aim is to present the latest solutions concerning computerizing healthcare centers.

The participation in the conference is FREE, however the condition of participation is earlier registration. Application form is available on the website:

Proposed subject matter:

• systems of information flow between and inside healthcare posts
• security of medical information
• data wholesales; data bases; open standards of medical data

• applications supporting the management of healthcare posts

• IT in diagnostics (archiving and distribution of images, mobile apparatus, RIS/PACS systems, digital diagnostics)
• electronic signature in medical documentation

• flow and access to medical documentation  
• modern medical apparatus (medical monitors, ultrasound scanners, echocardiographs, CAT scanners, X-ray units, apparatus for magnetic resonance, respirator..etc.)
• modern emergency medicine (satellite systems, communications systems, mobile apparatus…etc.)  

• systems/software supporting apparatus work
• PR/image of healthcare posts

The conference is targeted at middle and higher managers representing public and private healthcare posts and people responsible for selecting and purchasing new technologies, designing, construction and development of IT systems in the posts mentioned above.

The participants are guaranteed with:
complete conference materials, coffee-breaks, the possibility to participate in selected lectures. 

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