City : Warszawa
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Date : 17.06.2013
Hour : 19:00 - 23:00
Status : closed


Reputation is treated as a key value for companies and trademarks. Its strength is a competitive element – evaluates PremiumBrand.

As the only one on the Polish market examines and rewards trademarks, companies, partnerships for their prestige which is highly valued among consumers.

On February 1st, 2013, the eight edition of the project was initiated.

PremiumBrand has been carried out since 2006. The project stands out in the marketing environment, thanks to the winners are being awarded based on independent scoring, professional examination – not the subjective evaluation of the jury. What more, methodology was prepared based on Polish reality and that is even more crucial since the title of PremiumBrad is a prestigious prize for the companies, trademarks and the partnerships on our market.

PremiumBrand for companies, trademarks and partnerships listed on the stock market

The PremiumBrand contest is divided into three categories:

- “Company” category – the participants are recognizable subjects on the market

- “Trademark” category – the participants are trademarks, whose market penetration is more than 5 per cent

- “Partnership” category – incluced partnerships listed on the stock exchange, which are present on the basic market on the Warsaw Stock Exchange

Moreover, since 2012 the construction market has been examined. In order to make measurements accurate, in each category the reputation elements are examined. In case of companies and trademarks – references, information which appear in media and social engagement are taken into consideration. The company as an employer is also examined. During the whole process, the company as a business partner is also examined.

Other parameters are examined in case of stock exchange partnerships. Business orientation, opinion on the Board, integrity and image are analyzed. To each project group a proper number of respondents is taken as well.

Each company, trademark or partnership which gain more than 60 points out of 100 will Get the title of the company/trademark/partnership of HIGH REPUTATION – PREMIUMBRAND 2013. The winners will also receive a special package, which includes communication and advertising benefits – including the report of a carried research and an advertising sigil – used in communication purposes.

Due to the fact that the process requires a long research, the PremiumBrand application can be submitted in advance.  The application deadline is March 29, 2013 at 15:30. The contest results will be revealed on June 20, 2013 at the official gala, which will occur in Warsaw.

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