The Conference on Office Spaces


City : Warszawa
Place : Hotel Intercontinental
Date : 11.04.2013
Hour : 09:00 - 16:00
Status : closed
The Conference on Office Spaces

On April 11, 2013, in Intercontinental Hotel

The Conference on Office Spaces will be held.

Office fight is not over. Despite of the crisis, there are still new attractive projects. The experts will discuss:

- In which countries of Central and Eastern Europe are most of them?

- How to collect money for their construction?

- How to deal with the lessees’ problems?

- How to promote the new investment in order to make it a major part of office market?

Main issues are connected with the office of the future, we will ask:

- How will they look like?

- Is so called Y generation capable of changing the attitude towards office work?

- Young people are picky. They want more and break the rules. Can developers and real estate experts offer them something?

We will also show how to obtain finance in hard times. Even the most attractive parcel cannot be constructed without money. Where should that stream of money come from?

Besides, we will focus our attention on why do the funds more and more often decide to purchase several or more office buildings and then they immediately start boosting their value. How to manage this? How to introduce changes in an already functioning organism? How to use the knowledge of property and facility managers in the Best way?

Apart from typical talks and presentations, we will use the method of case study. We will present different points of view. We will show the different outlooks on real estate market. The pessimists talk about recession; the optimists say everything will be alright. We will discuss which one of them is closer to the truth. 

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