Creative Morning “Wild Women Who Dared”


City : Gdańsk
Place :
Date : 18.03.2013
Hour : 09:00 - 14:00
Status : closed
Creative Morning “Wild Women Who Dared”

March networking meeting Creative Morning

Wild Woman Who Dared”

On March 18, Starter invites for the inspiring networking meeting dedicated to extraordinary women. Kristin Pedemonti will talk about courageous women who were not afraid of risky decisions and influenced the surrounding world and very often did it in a non-conformist way. After the speech, the participants will be able to make new business contacts during the usual networking session.

During the meeting, Kristin – numerous awards' winner, the founder of Storyteller and the finalist of TED Talks talent, will talk about such inspiring women as:

- Wangari Mathaai from Kenya, the winner of Nobel Peace Prize, who became a first woman in eastern Africa to become a PhD. Wangari founded Green Belt Movement organization, inspires people to plant the trees and help women not only in Kenya, but on the whole African continent to discover their potential and value.

-Hannah Brencher, who writes love letters to strangers. A year and a half after its start, her project is in 47 different countries, as Hannah believes the world needs more love letters.

-Kristin will also tell her own story: (..) in 2005, I left my full-time job in order to tell the stories. Back then, I also sold my house and major part of my belongings, because I wanted to create education project in Belize in Central America. My life changed completely. I will tell the participants about the beginning of my programme, which finances 33,340 students and educating 800 teachers, encouraging to use the culture in schools. In June I go to Kenya in order to prepare and improve my program in Nairobi. In November I am planning a travel to Ghana and I also received an invitation to India. And it's all to take the chances, choose wisely and be courageous!

After the speech, networking session will take place, as usual.

The numer of places is limited, so the organizer encourages to register for the meeting as soon as possible. Details:

The participation is free of charge.

Schedule of networking meeting:
8.50 – 9.00 – Registration of the participants
9.00 – 11.00 – Kristin Pedemonti „ Wild Women Who Dared”
11.00 – 12.00 –
Networking session
12.00 – ……. – Informal talks

The project is implemented as a part of Central Europe Programme and co-funded by European Regional Development Fund.


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