Lease contracts in commerce property


City : Warszawa
Place : Golden Floor Plaza
Date : 31.01.2012 - 01.01.2008
Hour : 08:00 - 00:00
Status : closed
During the conference organized by SCC you will learn about the real dangers in contracts.

During the last 2 years of economic slowdown, which took its toll on the functioning of commerce property, we could see how the theory of cooperation written down on less than twenty pages is inadequate to the real dangers which could not be previewed by the tenants and the owners when they signed the agreement.

Increased vigilance and lessons learned form the damages can be noticed in the fact that pre-lease agreements, common just two years ago, are becoming very rare as they have a high indicator of risk. Tenants prefer to concentrate their operations within already existing commerce properties, especially that after the last “crisis stagnation” the offers of the market still look encouraging. For tenants the present situation is conducive to renegotiate existing lease agreements – many use the opportunity and consciously sign long-term contracts hoping the situation on the market will change.

Despite risky turbulences the basic function of the agreement between tenants and owners has not changed. Lease agreements should ensure stable financing for the owner and the possibility to manage the business with no disturbances for the tenant. In the “good times” we sign agreements to normalize our formal and legal arrangements, sometimes forgetting that most frequently they serve to settle problems when the situation on the market changes and one of the parties cannot meet 100 percent of the entries.

Training „Lease contacts in commerce property” will take place on January 31st, 2012 in Warszawa. Its purpose is to discuss with experts the possibilities of introducing changes in the conditions of a contract so that they were favourable for both parties, to help one of the parties survive a more difficult time in the company’s history, to optimise/make more effective the cooperation between the owner and the tenant.

During the training we will discuss:

  • Commerce property in Poland – past, presence and future
  • Financial aspects of lease agreements
  • Taxation aspects of lease agreements
  • Legal aspects of lease agreements
  • Sublease
  • Negotiations and renegotiations of lease agreements

The training is open for:

  • owners of commerce property (office, storage, logistics, industrial and production )
  • tenants of commerce property
  • consultants and advisers
  • agents
  • all concerned with the topic

The training program is approved by the Ministry of Infrastructure under 2078 and meets the requirements of professional development for property managers and agents in property transactions. There are 8 course hours for taking part in the training.

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