Controls in buildings


City : Warszawa
Place : Golden Floor Plaza
Date : 21.02.2012 - 01.01.2008
Hour : 08:00 - 00:00
Status : closed
Controls in buildings
The procedures of commercial building control will be discussed during the training, which will be held on February 21 in Warsaw.

The world „control” has become purely negative, because now it is mostly associated with various limitations. From the point of view of property managing, control has got a form of strict rules, or legal regulations. By the virtue of law, the units controlling managers and property owners are General Inspector of Building Control, National Labour Inspectorate and The State Fire Service.

Each of these units is imposing its own set of restrictions, orders and prohibitions. However, all of them are linked by the common purpose: security of buildings’ users, because it’s a main idea to which all the law-guaranteed activities serve.

While managing a building of small or middle size is not very difficult and it is possible to comply with the customs in time, the management of a big commercial property with high functional requirements is slightly different – it forces its manager to act with an extreme accuracy and have a good knowledge on the existing law.  

During the training „Building controls – procedures and organization”, which will be held on February 21 in Warsaw, the invited experts will tell you how to gradually prepare a building and its documentation for control and which actions are to be taken in order to avoid punishments and sanctions for improper complying with the customs regulated by law. They will also give advises and hints that will change the obligatory building controls from a nightmare into a mere formality.

During the training, we will tell you about e.g.:

  • How to prepare a building for control in accordance with new regulations?
  • How to prepare a complex documentation of a building?
  • How to keep KOB in accordance with the changes of Construction Law?
  • How to prepare an installation and particular parts of a building for control?
  • How to protect a building against fire and adverse weather conditions?

We invite to participate:

  1. owners and managers of commercial properties;
  2. administrative directors;
  3. facility and property managers;
  4. owners of chain networks;
  5. managers of commercial buildings;
  6. people interested in the event’s subject matter.


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