Office Metamorphosis: Facelift or renovation?

Metamorphosis of office design is usually associated with long renovation and high costs. Does it really have to be?
Pawłem Kochańskim
Pawłem Kochańskim

So how can we "refresh" the office at a low cost?

Just paint the walls and replace the carpet with appropriate designs - that it will liven up your office, but it will not overwhelm it. You can also change the lighting. Such action will improve primarily comfort and office visual appearance, will also find that the office becomes much more friendly for the employees. Added value in this case may be the fact that employees might feel that they are important to their employer, who cares about their comfort.  Such a simple action we call "lifting".

So to sum up - we just need new carpeting, to paint the walls and to change the lighting.

Of course, everything must be chosen with taste to these elements that remain, fit into the new. The floor must interact with the walls and the walls with doors. These are small changes that do much. There are projects in our portfolio, in which we replaced the carpeting only and we painted the wall. Some employees when coming back after the weekend, when entering the office went back to the lift, thinking they confused the floors. The change of two elements transformed the inside so much.

Often we meet companies who renovate offices periodically, after the renewal of the contract, which follows on average every 3 or 5 years. In that moment it appears another grant for renovation, which allows them to change the various function rooms-induced by changing the structure of the company.

In addition, there are some minor repairs, caused by accidents such as "I spilled my coffee " or "I wiped/scratched/my wall", "the messenger was coming ". Using them you can really change the office look completely. Just recently, when repairing the walls, we repainted all corridors, which greatly refreshed the office.

One of our customers after having a failure of the air conditioner and ceiling panels being flooded in the office, needed to exchange them. We suggested to paint the ceiling panels in the same design as the carpeting design- the simple solution resulted in that office room gaining a whole new face. The following weekend we painted the ceilings in all the other areas.

Is changing a room feature difficult to achieve?

It depends on what type of building we are talking about: old or relatively new. There is the question of installation which will not cooperate with us and will generate costs.

In the building with air conditioning and ventilation, it will be obvious that each new facility will require these installations. Therefore, these devices need to be bought or existing ones need to be remodeled. This is not a process that takes just one or two days.

Problems are also caused by simple issues, such as waiting for the delivery of doors. When changing the function of the ceiling we also put a new ceilings grid in the room, we provide new lighting and light switches, or rebuild the electrical installation. It is not easy, especially when you are working after working hours.

Recently we did the reconditioning of the Securitas company, where we only worked at night. At 5 am we had to start cleaning, so the employees could work. It is impossible to clean up in 2-3 hours after reconditioning-thus a very important issue is to appropriately secure the space and separate it from the sites, which are currently used for work.

For example, suppose that we make a very basic "lifting", for example: changing the carpeting and lighting, paint the walls-how much time it may take?

With proper preparation of the materials and proper coordination works can be finished in one weekend.

May you encounter some "unpleasant" surprises on such simple work?

No, at such work there are no unpleasant surprises. If we specify a precise delivery schedule of materials and goods we avoid surprises. In weekend mode, we take as much carpeting out as we can put back over the weekend - the same applies to the walls, ceilings and other items subject to rearrangements. We remember that our customers must have the optimum working conditions for the next 5 days, starting on Monday.

Whether customers are more likely to decide on lifting or would rather spend more time and carry out on a major reconditioning?

It depends on what influenced their decision. If the office space did not meet the necessary functions, that is, employees are overcrowded - there is no choice, they must decide on complete reconditioning.

Most companies which do not change their location and remain for many years in the same office decide on having lifting done due to not having any interruptions in the continuity of their work, unnoticed undergoing work and final effects showing brand new within the old office meeting individual needs in terms of both design and freshness.

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dr dre :
co jeszcze potrafi pani Terczyńska? Ale SPAM, ja pieprze...
January 8, 2018 at 2:25 PM
mardendos :
pani Iwona z Terczyńska Design jest profesjonalistką na całego. Z Waszego polecenia się z nią skontaktowałem i zrobiła mi taki lifting biura, że jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem. Faktycznie nawet najmniejsze szczegóły bardzo ją interesowały. Specjalista godny polecenia !!!
December 23, 2016 at 2:56 PM
mardendos :
pani Iwona z Terczyńska Design jest profesjonalistką na całego. Z Waszego polecenia się z nią skontaktowałem i zrobiła mi taki lifting biura, że jestem pod wielkim wrażeniem. Faktycznie nawet najmniejsze szczegóły bardzo ją interesowały. Specjalista godny polecenia !!!
December 23, 2016 at 2:55 PM
mariolka2i :
u mnie tez aranżacji biura podjęła się pani Terczyńska. W moim przypadku byłam bardzo zadowolona. Ta projektantka przywiązuje dużą uwagę do szczegółów co bardzo mi się spodobało. A jak u Ciebie serek? Zadowolony z pracy tej pani?
December 11, 2016 at 1:39 PM
serek :
oczywiście remont biura nie musi być kosztochłonny. zależy tak na prawdę od oczekiwań. i od zastosowanych rozwiązań. moje biuro - 3 sale, pokój socjalny remontowała i aranżowała Iwona Terczyńska z Terczyńska Design. jak na stolice to cena raczej spoko, ale wyhaczyliśmy też wiele podpowiedzi, które są bezcenne
December 5, 2016 at 6:15 PM
Kacper :
Bardzo ciekawa rozmowa, daje dużo do myślenia. Teraz w biurze sami się zastanawiamy co dla nas lepsze, lifting czy remont?
June 4, 2013 at 1:35 PM