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The customer needs, modern trends in interior surface and the offices of the future, says eng. Miroslaw Chodelski, Project Manager of the company Interbiuro Ltd.
Inż. Mirosław Chodelski
Inż. Mirosław Chodelski

How is the interest in the market services companies offering professional arrangement of office space? Is growing with the passage of time, or whether companies are in this field more and more alone?

In my opinion, the tenant needed and still need professional assistance in the construction of the new office. In most cases, companies looking to decorate your new office have the initial conception of how it should look and what they care about most. They want, however, seek companies with complex construction offices to create a project that will be one hundred percent corresponded to their needs and up to exploit the surface lease. Often companies themselves undertake to keep building, not realizing how many items should be with you rip to a successful and timely complete the project. Leading investment by persons non-experience in this matter may unfortunately end up significantly exceeded the planned budget, as well as delays in the schedule.


As for the Lord does the future of the industry? Whether will grow your interest and competition? Is the company arranging / designing office spaces will become more specialized in certain segments, or will offer more and a wider range of services?

I am convinced that in the future the interest companies in our industry will grow. The more complex a company will be able to assist tenants in the office building that will be more attractive partner for cooperation. Our customers expect us to support both from the functional and aesthetic (an interesting arrangement, choice of materials and colors), and how the technical, electrical installations, IT or air conditioning and ventilation. The new office has yet to meet all the standards associated with the fire protection and in this respect, it is necessary expertise and experience.


Do you see the difference in requirements between companies in different sectors? What do you wish for example law firms, and what is with the BPO industry or advertising agencies?

Different sectors have different requirements. Much depends on the vision of the owners, regarding the appearance of their office. Typically, law firms like to a more classic, elegant and toned finishes and advertising agencies in the modern, bold and eye-catching. On the other hand, all want the same thing: that the office was functional, original and as the cheapest. Therefore, it is important to design the new arrangement came to an experienced architect supported by the technical department and the department quotation and logistics, which will bring out and arranged the whole of its potential. It happens that the arrangement proposed by the architect is brave and not entirely clear to the customer only after it is built; it turns out to be a hit.


What was your most challenging implementation? In what aspects caused difficulties?

One of the most difficult realization was the reconstruction of offices with an area of ​​1000 sqm. the so-called "living organism". This involved a comprehensive redevelopment agency, which for the duration of the work normally functioned. The schedule is divided into several stages and in close cooperation with the customer so we organized the work to a do not disturb each other and at the same time fit in time. Reconstruction of this office was also associated with the reconstruction of bathrooms and bunk here counting the time to as short as possible were excluded from use. Another element was the intervention in fire zones - we had to adjust all the facilities to a new division floors. This type of work was quite arduous, but the implementation has completed successfully.


Is it easier to design a complex whole process, or focus on a specific aspect, for example services area or furnishings?

From the point of view of the contractor / supplier is easier to perform a specific part of the work, e.g.: provide only new furniture. However, implementing a comprehensive whole, we can work better to rip all finishing elements mismatches and avoid situations that may occur when the project involved several independent companies. An important element is the coordination and monitoring over the course of its work from the beginning to the end of the investment. There are situations where part of the work was excluded from our scope and organized directly by the client and as a result of inaccurate information read from a project commissioned by the elements proved to be wrong, so we had to send them back to rewrite. This involved additional costs and an increase in execution time. Therefore, certainly for the tenant convenient and cheaper option is, when contacted with one company responsible for the whole project and talking about all of their needs and problems related to the implementation.


What trends are currently visible in the arrangement of office space? Do you still reigns among corporate clients open space or dominate some new, more efficient ways to use the space?

Customers need different solutions to each of them should be approached individually. This, for which the customer decides arrangement, depends on the specifics of his work. Frequently realize dividing surfaces in part on the system cabinet and the system of "open space" It is important that when the office is arranged in the "open space" design common areas, the so-called. "Quiet" operation, small conference halls and telephone booths. It is also noticeable interest in the premises serving employees to relax. You should also pay attention to the elements of the office where you cannot see or are seemingly unimportant. It is about ventilation, air conditioning or lighting. Take advantage of the experience of engineers specializing in the implementation of fit-outs to meet the aesthetic office also its basic functions, ie. Provided the right amount of air, light and space.


Growing popularity of telecommuting. Do you by the Lord, this translates to in some way to arrange office space in companies?

Increasingly popular is arranging jobs "hot desk", used for temporary work. In such a position can be used by several staff depending on the needs. With this system reduces the required space for lease. In the case of companies with remote workers, the office will certainly be useful conference halls, where once in a while you may encounter in a larger group.


How do you imagine a typical office of a large company for 20-30 years? What will be different from today?

I think 20-30 years the technology will develop so that there will be virtual offices and virtual archives. For this reason, office spaces necessary to the operation of businesses reduced. Perhaps disappear need to build meeting rooms, as employees using the appropriate audio-video equipment will meet in virtual classrooms. Surely, such spaces will have several options in the package design and equipment that you can choose with your own thoughts.

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