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Takes office rental at the National Stadium in Warsaw. The tenants and profits of locating a business in this place says dr. Med. Elisabeth Leipzig Director. Commercialization of the company PL.2012 +, which is the operator of the stadium.
dr n. med. Elżbieta Lipska
dr n. med. Elżbieta Lipska

In February of this year, started the process of renting offices at the National Stadium. At what stage are you now?

Firstly, the stadium is ready for it that tenants to move. Currently the facility are already present four companies. It is for us a very big challenge and a great joy. Some of these tenants have just introduced, and some already established in the stadium.


What are these companies?

These are the companies associated with the event industry. The functioning of the National Stadium is quite natural direction for those who are preparing themselves various events. Also negotiating with companies in areas like legal, medical, and, of course, the sports industry as sports associations are very welcome at the stadium. We have already signed an agreement with the Polish Yachting Association, who at any moment will start putting up the stadium. We hope that this is the first of the sports associations, which would entail the other. In addition to office space, which are very important in the process of commercialization, we are in advanced negotiations for the sale of so-called fitness area. We would like to start as soon as possible and accounted for accessible and friendly area of sport to when weather conditions make it difficult to use such attractions approximately the stadium. We also have a number of exhibition space and here negotiating on a number of very attractive exhibitions.


These four companies compared to what you assumed for this year is a lot or a little?

This is a good start. Looking at how the market and taking into account the fact that we really have space for rent available from less than three months, the four tenants is a good result. Of course we would prefer that she was leased the entire surface, but we hope that this is the first swallow that will make the spring, as well as convince the unconvinced that the stadium is a comfortable place to conduct business.


The stadium is not a standard place to rent offices. What are the challenges facing the operator of the stadium and before the tenants?

Our challenge is to ensure that the standard in the office, that is, its availability around the clock. Together with the event organizers whole-stadium are working to make this access was comfortable and uniform regardless of whether the stadium held an event or not. It is worth noting that although it is some obvious impediment, it is also a chance for those who operate in the stadium, because they are at the center of events. We offer tenants an additional package, so they can enjoy the sights of the stadium. We offer the whole range of very attractive discounts and proposals availability of stadium infrastructure.


What exactly get tenants - discount tickets?

First, get discount packages to use the conference center, lodges or events in which the National Stadium is the manufacturer. We strive to provide the opportunity to buy tickets from the promoters of events, so that the tenant may invite the stadium of their clients.


Let's say that I am a potential customer and bothering me question whether I have to pay for those miles of corridors or, for example, watering grass on the pitch?

Of course not. The financial offer for tenants is standard and comparable with other offers in the market functioning. The tenant pays the rent and service charges. After his side are also charges for utilities, which he consumes. Common area ratio is the same as for standard office space.


What do you wish?

Many satisfied tenants.

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