Renovation of "living organism"

It often happens that the company wants to carry out rearrangement of its surface, but not giving up the daily functioning of the office and providing employees comfort during the renovation. Is it possible?
inż. Tomasz Bąk
inż. Tomasz Bąk

About how to do the implementation on a "living organism" and overcome the associated inconvenience talk with Eng. Thomas sideburns, Project Manager of the company Interbiuro Ltd.

In a recent interview, Mr. Miroslaw Chodelski, responding to a question about the most demanding implementation performed by Interbiuro Ltd., mentioned the so-called reconstruction office. "Living body", that is, when it is normally operated. How often does it happen that you carry out of office in such circumstances - they are staying in the staff?

Such embodiments occur, and it is more frequently. This year alone, they have done at least a few of many Warsaw Class A office buildings this time also we are in the course of one of them in the office Iris Street. Cybernetics in Warsaw is the modernization of the entire company, occupying one of the floors of the building.

Why is interest in this form of repair?

First, the existing office for any reason, the entrepreneur must answer - for example. Because of the convenient location and satisfactory lease terms. After a few years, however, following the consumption of some finishes - please refresh the room, paint the walls, change the carpet or if the company grows, organize space for new employees. Proprietor usually depends on the fact that the tenant has extended his contract, so - as part of a bonus or because of the renegotiation of tenant - dedicating a certain amount on the renovation of leased space. Then the repair is done most often on said "living organism".

How is the renovation of the "living organism"? Is the organization in a significant way different from the renovation of free space?

We begin by tradition - from the design and choice of materials, which then deliver and we are trying to gather the building, which will be held in the works, so best to have them as the easiest access. Of course, we cannot unload in those places where there are employees. The property owner usually provides us some free space, for example. Warehouses, and in addition, to facilitate the transport of finishing materials, releases freight elevator or one of the staircases and the inaccessible part of the corridor for the staff. Transportation of materials and waste disposal also trying to organize at night or on weekends.

When everything is in place, the workers take to their homes or move to another place computers (now most companies is equipped with laptops), and hide the desk or take to the homes of all personal belongings. Then where we come in: we each furniture, secure surface, we do vertical curtain separating the space currently being rebuilt from other places, make dismantling of existing equipment. We work until the early hours of the morning, when the furniture is returned to its place, and the employee, coming to the company, finds your desk clean and standing virtually in the same place where he had left them.

Does it happen that the repair is carried out during the working hours of staff, for example then the company has been in the system 24/7? If so, does not obstruct the work of staff? Is there any way possible to minimize the inconvenience?

The experience gained allows us to carry out the repair, which will not bind to the thwarting of the personnel of the company and at the same time will save you time and money. The first thing we advise you to take into consideration is the time of year - repair is best to plan for the summer period, when some of the workers staying on leave - easier to divide the company into two zones: the serviced, and this, in which workers operate.

Secondly, this type of implementation does not perform more on a daily from Monday to Friday. When the renovation is done on a "living organism", is a standard that works - especially those loud - we are planning for a later time or on the weekends. Sometimes it happens that during the day we carry out so. quiet work that should not disturb anyone, for example. painted walls or the location of the carpet, and leave the work usually loud night hours and days off for the staff. The wieczorowo-weekend to minimize inconvenience to not only employees, but also its neighbors - the entrepreneurs involved sometimes the same floor, sharing the same common spaces.

Is it possible to somehow reduce the time performed the repair?

Repair of surfaces occupied it usually takes a few or even several days longer than normal. Minimize execution time is possible if we repair stages, then in one room held work in another resident staff. After completing one of the steps, just replace the seats. Then we do not need every evening discontinued furniture, and after several hours again insert them into place. When realizations milestone, accessories and equipment room are transferred to other rooms, and this is where we are currently undergoing renovations, it remains entirely at our disposal. Apart from the daily cleaning, shorten repair time. It is, however, whether staged implementation can take place, depends firstly on the nature of work and the tenant whether he has the conditions to be fully released to us some of the rooms: sixth, and sometimes even fourth office, and secondly, the nature of the planned work, or is it just restoration of the walls, and such. their destruction and reorganization of the whole office.

What with companies to which customers come? Whether they can afford the repairs without temporarily suspended operations?

Everything is a matter of organization. Interbiuro carried out for example. Repair insurance company, which came to customers. It had but two zones: one designed for meetings with outsiders, consisting of reception, conference and meeting rooms with the client, and the second, which housed the offices accessible only to employees. During the renovation of the first of them, the applicants were accepted in part previously inaccessible to them. The company, in which a very important meeting with a client, we determine the order of work with the tenant, adjusting to his needs and plans. If in a given week, the tenant has scheduled a meeting with an important client, we plan the work so that in no way not disturb him. As you can see, think, and good prior planning activities also allow for such projects.

Thank you for the interview.

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