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The potential of Rzeszow in the office segment and the first large area of Class A office project in the city says Radosław Walas, Board Member Developres.
Radosław Walas
Radosław Walas

Polish Rzeszow on the map office is considered to be an attractive emerging market. There are over 71 000 sqm. office space. Why this location arousing growing interest of investors and tenants?

You could say that Rzeszow appeared on the Polish map outsourcing recently. However, thanks to 8 universities and 60 directions of education is an attractive location for companies in the BPO / SSC, which are constantly looking for young, educated workers. In 2012. Rzeszow had the highest in the European Union the number of students per capita. Financial expectations of workers in this part of Polish are much lower than in other parts of our country. In addition, while it makes the cost of doing business in Rzeszow can be extremely attractive. Moreover, the phenomenon of Rzeszow not buy over workers, common in large cities, significantly pushing up labor costs. An important part of the growing attractiveness of the city is the fact Handover motorway connecting Krakow and Rzeszow with the rapid development of the international airport Rzeszow - Jasionka. In addition, this year, the Office of the City of Rzeszow was established Investor Service Office, which is designed to actively support the company is outsourcing sector in the market Rzeszow.


SkyRes Warsaw is the first large-modern office building in Rzeszow. Why you have decided to realization of the pioneering investment?

Rzeszow suffered from a lack of modern office space. For some time came to us signals that companies outsourcing sector interest in the city as an attractive place to invest their troops, but because of the lack of adequate office space chose other locations. To meet the needs of the market, we decided to build SkyRes Warsaw. It is an office building designed and built in accordance with the latest standards in the office market and in accordance with the principles of sustainable construction - energy efficient.


At the stage of building permits, changes have been made to the project. The building has raised. Why it has decided to increase the area of an object?

Changes to the project are introduced after a thorough analysis of innovative new entrants to the market and other office buildings, we saw not only in Poland. These solutions have analyzed in our team for. Development, and elements that could improve the attractiveness of the building and its energy efficiency, introduced to the project. The building also has grown because watching the big interest in investing, we decided to build up a tall building on what allowed us to rules and location.


At what stage is the implementation of SkyRes Warsaw? When it is planned to complete the construction and putting it to use?

Currently, we are at the stage of seven ground floor, which is exactly in the middle of construction. Completion date for the tenants of the building is set for mid-2015.


How do you assess the potential demand in the office market in Rzeszow?

Interest SkyRes Warsaw office building is very large. We are currently in discussions with a number of potential tenants. However, due to the early stage of the project and the fact that this is our first office building, most waiting for a more advanced stage of construction, to move to the phase of signing the lease.


What are your plans? I know that you are working on a project SkyRes Lublin, please to let me know more details about this investment.

In the place where the office is built SkyRes Warsaw, we want to create office and apartment complex. Already formed concepts further office buildings. Next year we want to start building a SkyRes Lublin of net leasable area of ​​approx. 16 000 sqm.


Are you planning to invest in other regions of the country?

Now we have no such plans.


How do you assess the office market in Poland? In the future, smaller cities will gain more and more popularity in this segment of real estate? Why?

The office market in Poland is developing very dynamically. For native office, buildings are being introduced more and more advanced solutions that increase the attractiveness of leasable area. Many employers also appreciates the Polish workers - their commitment and creativity. That is all, and several other factors cause the development of BPO / SSC sector in our country. I am convinced that the office market in smaller cities will grow, and one of the main reasons is to reduce costs by outsourcing sector companies, which also do not want to lose the quality of surface and employees.

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