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Frozen foil on glazed glass and spatial logotype from Plexiglas - WTT showroom (pic Główka Pracuje)
Do office labeling and decorations always have to be time-consuming and expensive? What elements influence the image of a given brand? We are talking with Piotr Główka, author of the project głó, about some characteristic factors of such solutions.
Piotr Główka, Author of głó
Piotr Główka, Author of głó


The photograph wallpaper trend is currently becoming more and more popular in office space. Are such wallpapers getting back to the good graces of office design?

Photograph wallpapers have been on the top list of the most popular office decorations for several years. Actually, they got back to the good graces five or six years ago, when they were arousing the greatest popularity. At present, they are still bestselling products and they will probably remain on the top for the next years because it is a kind of decoration which, when properly applied, changes substantially the atmosphere of a given room and helps to revive every interior.

While choosing a photograph wallpaper, I recommend to pay attention to proper laminate which can effectively prolong the lifetime of material in a given room. Liquid laminate is a standard version whereas permanent laminate can be defined as a means for special tasks, which will be perfect, for instance, in the kitchen.  


What are the characteristics of proper office photograph wallpapers?

In short, material has to be permanent and verified, whereas visually – the graphics has to be coherent with the image of a given brand or place. Additionally, it is important to remember that photograph wallpaper has to endure a long passage of time, whereas ink used for print cannot emit harmful compounds and surface has to be properly secured against mechanical damage.

I often encounter a problem which concerns joining of gores on a big wall. It is often visible in such place and it practically cannot be avoided. However, as our company does have some experience, we can help to deceive this obstacle. Główka Pracuje, as one of few designs, offers the opportunity of joining gores edge-to-edge, which is less noticeable from the overlaps and it endures for long years. Therefore, joinings on photographs are less visible in this case than on the full uniform background. Hence, decoration looks really incredible.


What are the current trends in office design with the use of photograph wallpapers?

Similarly to frozen foils, we should not follow the current trends but we should focus on personalization in respect to the holistic image of our company instead. Our clients mostly know what they expect, they have a coherent vision of their company, that is logotype, own mission, etc. In such situation, the task is easy. On the other hand, we often help people to discover their potential and, honestly, we love doing it. We devise the totality; color theory, color psychology, proper font, or icons which then bring comfort to both employees and clients.


Should we entrust experts with the visual identification?

It all depends on our approach. Many owners believe that they know their business activity very well so they do not need support from the outside. And often they are right while making such a decision. On the other hand, I meet a lot of enterprises whose owners or CEOs specialize in other fields. Therefore, they need support in visual identification. We should remember that not only specialized merchants, talented accountants and the knowledge of how to cut costs are the indicatives of success in the 21st century. Nowadays, in the times of the visionaries from Tesla, Amazon, or Apple, it is also important to take care about details, clear message and coherent image of your brand which influence not only clients but also employees. If someone needs support in this area, I strongly encourage to contact me via e-mail: I am not the alpha and omega of branding but I write every e-mail back and I take up new challenges, both smaller and bigger ones, in głó with great joy.


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