Freeze Your Glass Pane!

Ikonos frozen foil - pattern: lines (pic Główka Pracuje)
Ikonos frozen foil - pattern: lines (pic Główka Pracuje)
We often reminisce winter days during the summer heat. These winter days when you can hear the snow crunching under your boots and when the windows are covered with ice crystals. It is a great masterpiece of Mother Nature! Guess what! You do not have to wait for temperatures below zero any more!

Invite frozen foil to your home

You can come across the frozen foil effect in many foreign and Polish homes. It is most frequently applied on the glazing of both front door and interior door, or glass balconies and glass railings.

Such solution limits the flow of light to a small extent, but it provides intimacy. Thanks to frozen foil, the view behind a glass pane is blurred. Frozen foil strengthens the glass and protects against both breaking it into small pieces and smashing. It also resolves the problem of unaesthetic fingerprints and it is water resistant. More importantly, the set-up is relatively easy and quick and it does not damage the glass pane. And there is also the issue of price. It can actually surprise you but sticking your glass pane with the above mentioned foil does not have to entail high costs! It is much cheaper in comparison to sand-blasted glass. What is more, we can remove this effect in any time, for instance, when we get bored with the pattern.


How about your office?

As we already know, frozen foil has a number of advantages, thanks to which it is used not only by private persons but also by companies. Certainly you have already seen this effect on elegant shop windows or glazed partition walls in the office space. Foil is a universal material and we can print on it or cut out different patterns, shapes, or letters. Is not it all what we need in office premises? The sticking of a fragment or the whole pane provides privacy and it can be an elegant decoration and a form of advertisement of your brand. Unlimited possibilities in planning the composition, affordable price and functionality are the main assets of frozen foil.

Big glazed space in public utility buildings should be always marked so that people would not crash with them. Of course, a piece of paper with the writing: “Attention! Glass Door!” can be placed, but a company logo or aesthetic graphic cut out in frozen foil looks much better – says Piotr Główka, Główka Pracuje.


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