What Does “Holistic” Actually Mean to Us?

Architects are not only responsible for office design but they also nurture the harmony between the idea and its performance. Małgorzata Grzyb, Architect & Interior Designer of Interbiuro, explains why is it worth investing in such an approach to design.
Małgorzata Grzyb, Architect & Interior Designer of Interbiuro
Małgorzata Grzyb, Architect & Interior Designer of Interbiuro


So, modern office should not only be friendly to employees but it should also favor their productivity and bring some benefits to employers? Does a holistically designed office actually help in gaining employees, influencing their productivity and preventing rotation?

It is our mission and main goal. Good design attracts employees. Every office which does not only support different styles of work but also inspires the environment, stimulates our senses and suggests modern technological solutions as well as functional furnishings is of great importance for the employee. When it comes to the employer, the great asset of such an ergonomically designed office is a loyal team of professionals and experts.

How does Interbiuro execute this particular type of design and perform such work environment?

A good architect participates in the whole design process and this is exactly how the architects of Interbiuro operate. We are with our client from the moment of the first thought on a change. We devise interior design and execute projects. What is really fascinating for our architects is the fact that they can participate in the whole realization processes as their authors. They do not commission their projects to other architectural studios. For me, as an architect who used to execute mainly architectural concepts, it is a very valuable experience. It is a great joy but also a huge responsibility related to the whole investment process from both perspectives: design and execution. In my opinion, designers should think more intensely about the production process, that is performance, and not purely and simply on the used materials and form.

In our work we apply the method of design work – Design Thinking. The understanding of problems and needs of users through cooperation in an interdisciplinary design team composed of different experts, starting with architects, through designers of all industries as well as executive teams, allows us to look at the problem from many different perspectives. We deliver creative solutions which are technologically and economically well grounded, but, most of all, which are desirable in the eyes of their users.


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