First impression – you can make it only once!

Frozen foil on glazed glass and spatial logotype from Plexiglas - WTT showroom (pic Główka Pracuje)
Do office labeling and decorations always have to be time-consuming and expensive? What elements influence the image of a given brand? We are talking with Piotr Główka, author of the project głó, about some characteristic factors of such solutions.
Piotr Główka, Author of głó
Piotr Główka, Author of głó

Can you tell us how did the project głó originate?

The project Główka Pracuje, under a different name in that time, was established about three years ago, however, it has recently been rebranded to a current version. I have been operating in the design industry for almost ten years, thus głó is partially a response to some problems I had to deal with and which still concern many designers, architects, or fit-out executors.

In short, the most important factor that distinguishes the project głó against the competition is the opportunity of dealing with, literally, everything in one place through a simple entry. Therefore, designer can focus on what he likes the most, that is… interior design. Some larger offices as well as a lot of smaller, often one-person, studios benefit from this solution right now. Clients outsource some issues to us which are mainly related to selection of substitutes, finding a deliverer, completion of order, or logistics.


Your company specializes in office marking and decorations. Frozen foils can serve as a good example as they do not only perform a decorative role but they also allow for a sense of privacy in glazed interiors. Why is it worth applying them in the office?

A foil with an effect of frozen glass is an innovative solution which is highly appreciated in the interior design industry mainly due to practical values such as compliance with the OSH standards, easy replacement, or no violation of pane. We do not only specialize in montage, but we very often accept orders for replacement of foils. Interestingly, as one of few companies, we can do it without interrupting people in their work, for this process generates neither noise nor dust. The price for such service is very affordable, thus if someone has not used this solution yet, I highly recommend it.


This foil can be cut in such a way to create any shape of writing. What patters are currently the most popular?

The opportunity of cutting any shape is the main asset of the already mentioned frozen foil. The most popular patterns among design offices and architects who cooperate with głó are the icons related to both the products and the general stylistics of a given company. We very often prepare the entire visualization packages which respond to the image of a company; from writing of proper font through logo and ending with decoration of a given room. What is more, we often deliver solutions such as single patterns on panes to our smaller clients.


First impression is of great importance in human relations as well as the assessment of a given place. Are spacious logotypes helpful in building a positive image as the element which is often placed at the entrance to a building?

As Główka Pracuje, we are aware of the fact that a specious logotype has to meet two fundamental criteria: it has to be an effective gadget and it has to be clear information for all guests that they are in a proper place under professional guidance. We know from our experience that properly composed materials which are made with pietism as well as legibility of labeling are the main characteristics which guarantee the best first impression. It is generally known that first impression can be done only once, therefore, we cannot omit these important factors. Details, simplicity and proper labeling make that clients achieve inner peace and they can focus on doing business with us.


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