A new variety of BTA

Realizations of the Interbiuro company, photo by Yassen Hristov
Inthe office building R34 (a former BTA), works related to arrangement and renovation of the entrance area.

The Office building R34 is located at ul. Rzymowskiego 34 in Warsaw. So far, it has been known as BTA Office Center. Between November 2011 and May 2012, renovation and arrangement works concerning the entrance hall were conducted. The company Interbiuro Sp. z o.o. was responsible for the works on the area of 175 sq.m.

The works conducted by Interbiuro included execution from interior arrangement and executive project, to the  realization of area rebuilding. The final effect resulted from the assembly of glass, as well as plaster and cardboard partitions, the assembly of doors, the laying of graphite floors, the assembly of veneered wall covers, the assembly of suspended ceilings, the modernization of light, electrical and ventilating and air conditioning installations.

A reception area as well as a leisure area were designated from the designed lobbies and they were furnished with functional leisure furniture and a reception desk of an interesting and unique shape, as Marta Sobczyk from the architectural division of Interbiuro, the author of the arrangement design  says. Biomorphis shapes of selecred furniture (a reception desk) and a ceiling arrangement give a calm and modern touch to the interior. Owing to the use of intensive green colour, the interior gains lightness and spaciousness. New colouring refers directly to colours used on the elevation, identification system and furniture, she adds.

The change of the name of the building is related to its new logo. Just like the information board, it was also designed by the Interbiuro company. A bold idea, the use of a photo wallpaper as a background for the tenants’ board, made the interior more vivid and was very well-received by the tenants, as Maria Sobczak, an architect, comments.

The renovation works in R34 were conducted in a regularly functioning building, which was a challenge for the company. During such works, it is necessary to take care of the whole logistical base in such a way which would not hamper the employees’ access to their rooms.

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