The increase of export orders of EC-System

EC-System, one of the biggest companies in the light trade, has noted the increase of export orders.

In June-July of the current year, EC-System received export orders for the total amount of 6,3 mln PLN net. It influenced the increase of export orders, which reaches the level of 27 per cent in the year.

In June only, the value of export orders received by the company reached 3,4 mln PLN net. Within these commissions, EC-Studio equipped with lights, e.g. the ABB office building in Sweden or the National Bank Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates.

The orders realized in July for the amount of 2,8 mln PLN net included the police headquarters in Kuwait, the sweets factory Roshen in Russia or the chain of Ford showrooms in the Ucraine.

In the first quarter of the current year, EU and Russia were the most important export markets. At that time, the EC-System export sale reached 7,4 mln PLN and its share in the whole of sale was 21,5 per cent.

The growth in export was influenced by the company’s presence at the Light & Building fairs in Frankfurt in April 2012. The exhibition was visited then by over 500 potential clients.

EC-System is the biggest Polish light company in the segment of professional lighting techniques for general building industry, and architectural, industrial, specialized, housing and outer structures. The frames offered by EC-System fulfil the latest EU requirements concerning energy savings, which ensures lower exploitation costs.           

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