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ECO Goeppert-Mayer in Katowice opened.

Goeppert-Mayer has been designed in accordance with British building environmental certification system BREEAM
Goeppert-Mayer has been designed in accordance with British building environmental certification system BREEAM
The building will consume half the energy other structures of his class require.


Tri generation, a process of producing electricity, chill and heat from gas, fully integrated building management system (BMS) and a highly efficient heat recovery system are but a few out of the many solutions and technologies applied in Goeppert-Mayer office building opened several days ago. This energy efficient building built fo nearly 40 million zlotych is the first completed out of four structures that Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy intends to erect. Goeppert-Mayer office building withan area of 8800 m2 is to become a part of GPP Business Park, located on the grounds which will be included in Katowce's Special Economic Zone. The building has been designing in accordance with British building environmental certification system BREEAM (Buliding Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method).

- On the basis of completed prequalification in BREEAM we can assess with high probability, that no other building has an evaluation this high, both in Poland and in Central-Eastern Europe. It is the first building which connects ecology with economy, the building is not only "green" but also cheap in exploatation - says Mirosław Czarnik, president of Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy in Katowice.

Goeppert-Mayer is going to use half the energy of traditionally built A-class office buildings, while maintaining full comfort for people working in the building. The structure is the only in its class to use the tri generation system. Viessmann company is the tri generation system's supplier, while equally important for the building's functioning ventilation system has been supplied by Swegon company. Design and the building itself have been prepared for BREEAM environmental certfication by Buro Happold company.

- The time remaining till year 2020 allows us to test the applied technologies and implement them in perfected versions in another buildings which will be built on Górnośląski Park Przemysłowy grounds. We want to share the knowledge we'll gain with other companies interested in sustainable and energy-efficient construction - emphasises GPP's president.

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