ECO They're constructing a building from precast

Precast technology saves both time and money
Precast technology saves both time and money
Chorzów. Construction of Poland's first green office building built with the use of Wolf System company's precast technology will last till the end of the year.

Speed of execution, operating cost efficiency and a pro-ecological character are one of the advantages of precast technology used in construction industry. The resulting benefits worked on imaginations of developers offering office areas. Currently being erected in Chorzów, there is an environment-friendly project built in exactly that technology.

Chorzów's green office building on Odległa St. is being constructed by Wolf System on behalf of the Burton Polska company, which is going to have it's headquarters there ( offices, showroom for company's clients as well as snowboard equipment rental office, skiing- snowboard service, social rooms and a warehouse). Wolf System works' projected completion is at the end of october 2012, while the investor expects to finish the entire investment  by the end of coming year.

The factor deciding on the precast technology's advantage over the traditional one is doubtlessly how much time it saves. In about 3 – 4 weeks since the beginning of construction the building is already in raw state, while after around 2 -3 months it's already in a developer.

Green office buildings built in precast technology are characterised by low operating costs because of a construction providing minimal energy losses as well as high energy efficiency of utilised materials. A key element speaking for this technology is also the ability to flexibly adjust the project to investor's needs, not only in regards to area space but also functional room distribution and aesthetic requirements.

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P. :
taki dom - czy w tym wypadku biurowiec - to swietne roziwazanie dla tych, którym śpieszy się z budową. Szkoda, że w Polsce tak mało popularne i traktowane z przymrużeniem oka. Miejmy nadzieje, że uda się to szybko zmienić.
September 24, 2012 at 4:58 PM