ECO A novelty on polish market – a skyscraper made of prefabricated materials.

Wolf System who are specialists in building energy efficient constructions are to undertake an unusual challenge. They want to build a first skyscraper made of prefabricated materials.

Building a skyscraper of prefabricated materials is a new notion in Poland. They are built based on special construction techniques which may positively influence the comfort of working there. They are functional and energy efficient.  Wolf Systems who use eco materials a lot, have decided to take the challenge. They are known for designing and building eco – modular houses, concrete siloes and farm buildings.

The polish investment is to be done in Chorzow by Odlegla St. The building works are to begin in March. Wolf System has prepared a project for their investor – Burton Polska. It is very simple and functional. The interior of the building is to be well illuminated and the elevation is to be light grey and graphite with many glass and wooden elements. The building will be adapted to the needs of disabled people.

The investor distributes snowboard gear therefore apart from office space with showroom there will also be many places connected with the sport in the building, such as ski-snowboard workshop, snowboard gear rental, warehouse and staff rooms with gastronomy.

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entuzjasta :
Ciekawa inwestycja, mam nadzieję, że będziemy mogli śledzić postępujące prace, aż w końcu efekt koncowy
March 16, 2012 at 3:47 PM