Tricity: one out of five buildings immune to power failures

Gdańsk's complex shall meet the needs of even the most picky clients, who value energy security
Gdańsk's complex shall meet the needs of even the most picky clients, who value energy security
It turns out that in an age of modern technologies and ever-increasing energy requirements few buildings offer energy security to it's tenants. Gdańsk's Alchemia's developer has a different approach.

Gdańsk's Alchemia will offer energy security to it's lessees. Two buildings in the first stage of development shall possess their own converters, each with two independent power lines. In the case of an emergency, the system installed in Alchemia shall not only provide power from another line or it's own energy production, but also partially recover the power through an engine-generator.

- In Alchemia after the test phase it will be posssible to fully synchronise external power source's operation with the energy generated by the engine-generator, and it won't impact the lessee in any way – comments Roman Sokołowski, head engineer of Torus company, Alchemia's developer.

Currently a power failure inevitably means a huge problem to everyone. It is particularily so for entrepreneurs, for whom an interruption in energy supply is a very expensive obstacle for buisness. Few developers however are capable (and willing) to provide energy security for their lessees. An investment in expensive and advanced projects is inevitable though, since the prospective tenants ask for such an insurance more often.

- Due to high costs, developers rarely decide in the first stages to invest in a generator, additional power connection and UPS-s (ed. emergency power supply). The subject of energy security comes back like a boomerang though, and sooner or later a developer decides to,among other things,  connect to energy from two stations, so long as his energy provider offers such an option of course – says Mariusz Wiśniewski, Gdańsk CBRE office's senior negotiator. - Today, solutions like that determine, whether we're dealing with a pure A-Class, or not. So far in Tricity only two complexes have invested in two-source energy supply and generators of sufficient power – they are Torus company's Arkońska Business Park  and Allcon company's Łużycka Office Park. Torus company's Alchemia shall be another one -  adds Mariusz Wiśniewski, CBRE.

There are industries particularily dependent on a constant power supply. Modern technologies, IT services or outsourcing centers (BPO ) incur serious losses during a power outage.

- Energy safety is a key issue for us. We operate in a scattered IT environment and most of the resources we require are on separate servers. A power outage, even a short one, would cause us to cease operation for that time, and subsequently incur large losses. Power fluctuations could also cause damage to local IT hardware, leading to a complete stop of production. That is why energy security was one of the key factor in choosing location – admits Jeppesen a Boeing Company's Jakub Sienkiewicz, located in Arkańska Business Park in Gdańsk.

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