Interbiuro invites to see "Amour" movie

Warsaw. This time the viewers will get to see Michael Haneke's picture, awarded with Palme d'Or at Cannes Film Festival.


Tomorrow in Muranów cinema an another meeting of architect, developers and investors will take place under the premiere movie screening organised by Interbiuro company together with film distributor Gutek Film.

Throughout the film shows organised for three years already, the guests could see i.a. "The skin I live in" directed by Pedro Almodóvar, Woody Allen's "Whatever works", teve McQueen's "Shame" or Behn Zeitlin's picture entitled "Beasts of the Southern Wild".
This time the organisers are inviting for the "Amour" movie directed by Michael Haneke. The production has been awarded a Palme d'Or in Cannes and tells the story of George and Anne, a pair of classical music teachers, who are around eighty years old. When Anne suffers a haemorrhage their love is put to test. Actors in the lead roles are Emmanuelle Riva and Jean-Louise Trintignant.

- Our cyclic meetings in Muranów cinema enjoy a large interest among the invited guests - emphasises Renata Mikołajczyk-Chołuj, Director for PR and Promotion at Interbiuro company. - They not only strengthen our brand and enhance the image of a company introducing new values into business relations, but are also a great opportunity for meeting people from the industry in a less official entourage, with a glass of wine and an offbeat event which also delivers them unforgettable sensations and creates opportunity to exchange impressions. The picture proposed by Roman Gutek, the originator and organiser of the biggest and most interesting of Polish festivals Nowe Horyzonty in Wrocław, is a guarantee of an event of highest quality.

The showing in Warsaw's Muranów cinema is not onlya golden opportunity for film lovers, but also an occasion to exchange experiences in commercial property industry as well as a time for making new business contacts. service is this event's media patron.


Below we present several scenes from the movie:


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