Crazy Room a guarantee of unconventional relax

Crazy Room is an extraordinary place, ideal for young entrepreneurs who have only just begun operation.
Crazy Room is an extraordinary place, ideal for young entrepreneurs who have only just begun operation.
Gdańsk. A room providing balance between work and rest functions in modern STARTER building on Lęborska St. for a month already.


Gdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości STARTER offers a multidemnsional support for companies which have only just started operation. As they themselves correctly observe, young people are not traditional clients of office buildings, and as such the offer must correlate with potential leaseholders' needs. This is why STARTER offers not only comfortable offices with modern equipment, but also infrastructure for leisure. During a break from work one can play basketball, laze around outdoors as well as play - in entertainment stations located on each floor - traditional table football or games using the advanced Kinect technology, where movement on screen is directed by player's body. For a month already in Gdański Inkubator Przedsiębiorczości functions Crazy Room, an answer for the need to balance between work and rest.

- STARTER, whose name is not accidental, wants to create best possible conditions for idea incubation and developing creativity for its workers. Crazy Room's philosophy is breaking the boredom and thinking routine. The uncommon interior design is meant to unloose stiff mental patterns and inspire for non-standard thought. One of managers interested in rent mentioned, that in a place like that even thinking and discussing about a financial plan is completely different - explains the president of Gdańska Fundacja Przedsiębiorczości, Małgorzata Jasnoch.

Crazy Room is an extraordinary room in which everything is redrawn, separate from reality, in a way reminding a fairy tale interior based on a surrealistic vision.

- Within Incubator's building there are many small firms, and spending time together integrates, allows for free exchange of thoughts and unrestrained searching for groundbreaking ideas. In a business, building relations and good communications are no less important than competence - adds GFP's president.

It's worth mentioning that not only companies from Gdańsk's Incubator can can make use of Crazy Room. Every entrepreneur can rent an area in Crazy Room and organise a creative party for their employees, partners or clients.

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