Construction of Kamienica za Teatrem has ended

Apart from offices, the structure also offers apartments and commercial area.
Apart from offices, the structure also offers apartments and commercial area.
Poznań. The office property portfolio in Wielkopolska's capital has increased by 1500 sq. m.


Realisation of Nickel Development developer company investment, which has erected a modern apartment-office-services complex Kamienica za Teatrem in Poznań's historical Jeżyce district, has reached completion. The 29 month-long construction in wielkopolska voivodeship's capital shall supply the market, apart from apartments, commercial areas, with 1 500 sq. m. of B+ class office area.

- Because of its location in city's historical parts, Kamienica za Teatrem's construction required a series of non-standard solutions. We've built the structure's underground level with the use of a special slurry walls method. Thanks to that, apart from providing safety during both construction works and late the building's exploitation, we could significantly reduce the construction's strain on the surroundings - says Michał Nickel, president of PBT Nickel.

Potential investor's interest is probably going to be fueled by the building's good location at the heart of Wielkopolska, on J. H. Dąbrowskiego 29 St., one of Poznań's main roads. The structure fulfills expectations of enterprises requiring large, open spaces as well as those of small, several-people firms. An indisputable advantage of Poznań's office building is also the modern air conditioning system, service floor and a fire prevention and anti-theft system.

Kamienica za Teatrem's architecture has been matched with tenement housing present in this area. The complex consists of two parts - office and commercial-apartment one. The structure offers a two-level, located underneath the entire building garage hall, also allowing to park cars with gas installation.

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