ECO How to cope with "Sick Building Syndrome"?

Not all of us are aware of the fact that building materials have a huge impact on people's health.

Dizziness, fainting, chronic cough, conjunctivitis, allergies, suffocations are only some of ailments connected with "Sick Building Syndrome". At the end of the eighties World Health Organization collected and described afflictions which were present after staying in an unhealthy accommodation. It turned out that biological factors (e.g. mould, germs) and chemical (e.g. harmful substances given off by a building) are damaging people's health.

What materials should be used?

We can prevent problems connected with the "Sick Building Syndrome" if during the process of building we'll choose appropriate building materials.
Natural resources are the most environmentally-friendly and people friendly. It's necessary to employ ceramic building materials such as fire clay blocks, bricks, tiles to ensure that rooms will have a healthy micro-climate. Silicates i.e. sand-lime bricks are not the origin of the cancer-causing ionizing radiation in comparison to those dark cement brick made on the basis of industrial resources.

SwedeCenter is a company that specializes in ecological building. They built i.a. Mera Hotel& Spa in Sopot which was completely made from natural materials - wood. Roger Andresson, Managing Director in SwedeCenter, says: We choose natural materials, tough and easily accessible.

Despite traditional materials, other innovative are made too. For instance a liquid ceramic Fugalite Eco, which enables to create clean and hygienic ceramic coating of floors and walls. This innovation is recommended by Kerakoll. Fugalite Eco has new eco-compatible rosins which enable to create a system that perfectly links with water allowing easy and comfortable application, profiling, and final joint washing. Contractors never before worked so well, fast and safe. Fugalite Eco does not have any toxic substances, and has a certification of the lowest emission of aeric compound EC1PLUS, which has not been achieved by another product from the same category - says expert from Kerakoll.

Those who would like to find out ecological and technological material solutions, can take part in the second international balanced building conference Future4Build. The conference will be held on 8-9 November in Warsaw. An important event will be emerging the most innovative product of the year.

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