ECO CBRE is the most ecological

Newseek compiled a ranking of the most ecological companies. CBRE won a first place in a property sector.

CBRE was accounted the fourth time in a row the most ecological business in a property sector by "Newsweek" in the 2012 Green Rankings. CBRE won 96 place, in 2011 the company got 128 place, among 500 the biggest American companies quoted on the exchange.

Impact which the company exert on the environment, CO2 emission,  rules and strategies concerning ecological actions were taken into consideration during the compiling the ranking. "Newseek" used those data circulated by Carbon Disclosure Project on the subject of emission greenhouse gases by over 3000 companies.

CBRE deals with consulting in a property sector. CBRE is highly involved in ecological actions. We express it by how we manage our properties and how we work for our customers - said Bob Sulentic, President of CBRE.

The company is engaged in ecological initiatives such as Real Green Research Challenge (in which CBRE will transfer 1 million USD on research connected with ecological commerce building) and so called Green Knights - a specialized group spreading green building idea.

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