MediaHUB - office for software developers

MediaHUB - night visualization
MediaHUB, a special office for IT companies is emerging in Łódz.

Łódz will offer one of a kind office for IT sector. MediaHUB is emerging at Łąkowa Street, with 4 000sqm of office space class A, hotel-conference base in DoubleTree by Hilton hotel and direct neighbourhood of companies from new technology sector.

In a close neighbourhood of MediaHUB will be TOYA company, a leader in telecommunication business and main project's investor which guarantees almost unlimited access of development possibilities and extension of ICT base. Office can offer also dedicated gigabyte port on the basis of access to optical fibres with a free Internet throughput connection of 80/4 Mbps and a possibility of band increase to 10 Gbps for leaseholders working with the investor. MediaHUB provides a possibility of choice own dedicated connections to network suppliers.

The connection in the building was created on the basis of cabling 6th category and effective ICT devices monitored 24h/day, and proactive response systems will enable leaseholders safe functioning their R&D department and crucial ICT systems located in MediaHUB. The building has own transformer station with a power output 1260 kVA.

The floor in the building is raised and allows for discretionary fittings of local structural network which basis skeleton is located in such way that it enables the possibility of extension. Ceilings were hardened to 500kg/mkw which enables to locate server farm and archive in the building. BMS is a central system of building's management functions in MediaHUB.

Companies such as TOYA, TOYA Studios, Klub Wytwórnia, Opus Film i Filmoteka Narodowa are located near to the office.

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