Office - buyout or rental?

More and more office space in Poland. What developers and leasers would do?

DTZ company startes that supply of office space will increase by 20% in Warsaw alone. what is more, A class office blocks are mostly build - in 3rd quarter of 2012, in Warsaw, 52 800 m2 of office space was built. In other cities, quantity of this kind of immovables is also increasing.

We are observing growth in intrest concerning modern A class workspace. Office is no longer just a place, it became another tool of effective work. For businessmen, it is now desirable that investments have assets such as: individual approach to leaser or creativity support. Current business centres in developement are more interested in particular groups of leasers. Thanks to specialisation, developers, can adjust their offers nonstop, according to current leasers' needs. Responsiveness and flexibility is beneficial for both, developers and leasers - stated Marta Kruk (representative of company investing in MediaHUB in Lodz).

One should remember, that nobody is keen to spent money in current poor economic situation. According to DTZ data, in Warsaw, prices for square merte of office space are: 16 euro - suburbs, 27 euro - city centre. Which is important to small and medium businesses. Companies like these tend to choose well localised offices characterised by good price. Their decisions are usually similar to natural people's. They often choose to buy properties and they tend to choose B class offices. Instead of leasing, they buy it, they alter workplace into long-term investment. For them, it is good and safe capital investment in current unstable financial market  - said Jarosław Sadowski, Chief Analyst of Expander Advisors, Związek Firm Doradztwa Finansowego.

Leasing is within interest of large companies mostly. Owing to that, they do not need to bother with building maitenance and focus on their short to mid-term goals. It is important for international companies and captive companies. In order to show that: in 3rd quarter of 2012, in Warsaw, 160 000 m2 of ofice space was leased, only 22% of that space was leased by the same companies (including renegotiated and renewed contracts). Leasers less often decided to stay in the same offices, in comparison to previous quarter. More than 40% of all transactions were prelease ones.

What developers should do when leasers prefer short-term contracts? Experts from DTZ claim, that investing in current immovables and providing leasers with easy and efficient forms of renting are the best developers can do.

Translated by S. Kolbusz

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