Building of Nimbus started in Warsaw

Green teraces in Nimbus - virtualization
There is going to be new investment in Warsaw - namely: Nimbus office building worth nearly 27 milion euro.

IMMOFINANZ Group decited to invest in commercial immovables in Warsaw. In Ochota borough, near Aleje Jerozolimskie, there will be erected modern office building Nimbus, wich will offer 19 000m2 of workspace. Building efforts are coordinated by Porr Polska S.A. and are to be finished in August 2014.

Nimbus is said to feature A class office workspace on 13 floors in West part of the building, and 14 floors in the East side. In the centre of the building there is going to be a big bright lounge. Building exterior is to receive noise deflecting systems. Tenants will be provided with 3 storey underground parking lot with 200 parking spots.

Situation of the building near Aleje Jerozolimskie is a guarantee of proximity of various services, namely: banks, kindergardens, medical centres, trade. Worth noting is the fact that there are many bus stops in the area.

Nimbus Office  is registered in LEED certyfying programme, it is belived that it will be certified Gold when finished. One of many amenities will be: green terraces, balconys, large external glass panels (wchih will enable natural illumination of the building), parking spot for bikes with cloakroom and showers. It is said that energy efficient and eco friendly materials will be used. The building will feature Building management System (BMS) and access authorization. Interior should be able to be arranged in various manners.

IMMOFINANZ Group is one of the most important companies dealing fith immovables market in Europe. The company currently leads 1 830 investments worth 9,81 bilion euro. It owns 18 office buildings in Warsaw alone. 

Translated by S. Kolbusz

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