Glass for Alchemia

Building of Alchemia complex in Gdańsk is underway. Now, elevation is being installed.

On Alchemia construction site glass-aluminium elevation segments are constantly transported. About 2 000 single elements of elevation is to be installed on building creating nearly 10 000 m2 glass surface (1,5 times more than full scale football pitch).

Materials and technology used are mostly concordant with LEED criteria, according which building will be certified. Glass used is noise-reducting and has crucial role in limiting energy usage in building. Glass used in office floors is a multiple-layer glass. It is certified and has proper transparency, meaning, it has proper sunray deflecting and absorbing qualities, as well as thermal and sound isolation. Thanks to aproprietly chosen parameters, glass will have positive impact in building's energy consumption - Marcin Frozyna stated.

Elevation is to be finished in January 2013.

Alchemia will be a complex of 7 buildings. First phase of project is erecting 2 office buildings connected by 4 storey base. Combined office space available for lease: 21 572 m2.

Translated by S. Kolbusz

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