ING creates new workplaces

Office of ING Services Polska in Katowice, at Chorzowska 50 Street
Office of ING Services Polska in Katowice, at Chorzowska 50 Street
ING Services Polska will rebuild IT Centre and will create Research-Development Centre.

ING Services Polska was granted subsidy for building Research-Development Centre and rebuilding of existing IT Centre in Katowice within the European Union's Operation Programme Innovative Economy. 156 of workplaces for experts from the IT sector will be created.

Contract of subsidy was signed on 14th December on amount of PLN 12 million.

IT Centre will deal with i.a. software development, testing and application management as well as database management.

Building of Research-Development Centre was also taken into consideration of the project, in which a business within B+R will run, aiming development and facilitating of implements used by coo-partnership in IT sector. Recruitment process is being carried out at the moment.

It is crucial to create new, highly qualified workplaces to reach an established aim - says Magdalena Nowicka, President of Management Board of ING Services Polska - Within a project we planned creating of 156 new workplaces, 21 in the Centre B+R and 135 in IT Centre. It is very important for a Silesian area in a current situation on the job market.

Investment under the name "Creating CBR and rebuilding of CIT innovation within ING Group" will cost about PLN 80 million, within PLN 12 million will be funded by subsidy. The completion of the project is planned on June 2015.

ING Services Polska is located in Katowice and offers IT services to subject of ING Group. Services provided by coo-partnership are i.a. hosting of system means, management of database and IT security.

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