Decision concerning Cracow's Special Economic Zone

Council of Ministers decided to extend Cracow's Special Economic Zone.

In 2nd of January 2012 Council of Ministry, by the order of Minister of Economy, decided to extend the area of Cracow's Special Economic Zone.

The area of the Zone will increase to 628 ha, borders will be changed in subzones: Cracow-Podgórze, Zabierzów, Tarnów, Nowy Sącz Zator and Skawina. New subzones will be created in Trzebinia, Dąbrowa Tarnowska, Chrzanów and Czorsztyn.

In 23 communes will be 25 Special Economic Zones, new zones are to provide about 2 500 workplaces.

Cost of the investments is thought to exceed 681 milion PLN. Investments in Special Economic Zone will be realised by: Valeo Autosystemy sp. z o. o., Motorola Solutions Systems Polska sp. z o. o., Dan Cake Polonia sp. z o. o., Can-Pack sp. z o.o, SA, SGL Carbon Polska SA oraz SN Super Snow. Extension of the zone will enable these companies to start 10 new projects, worth 390 milion PLN. These companies will hire about 900 workers. Stated companies are connected with automotive industry, BPO, R&D, chemical industry.

Cracow Technology Park from the creation of Special Economic Zone has given 112 permissions. In year 2012 alone, 12 permissions. In the Zone's area was created over 10 000 workplaces and investments were financed with 1,7 bilion PLN. The biggest investments are: Comarch, RR Donnelley, Motorola, Shell oraz MAN Trucks.

Currently, there are 14 special economic zones in Poland, they are supposed to function to the end of 2020.

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