Offices in Grohman's Factory

Renovation works of Grohman's factory are lasting
Revitalization works of Ludwik Grohman's Factory in Łódz's Special Economic Zone are lasting. The opening is planned on April 2013.

Ludwik Grohman's Factory from 19th century is located at Tymienieckiego Street on Księżny Młyn and it has been scheduled to the Register of Historic Monuments. Its renovation has been started in December 2011 and it is supposed to end in April 2013. The aim is to create modern office spaces, conference rooms and the headquarters of Łódz's Special Economic Zone.

Within the revitalization, existing buildings will be renovated, in two parts the tier will be rebuilt and a new structure will be built which will form a continuation of partly done boiler room in 1938. Renovated building will have a conference room for 250 people, about 1000sqm of an office space on lease and offices of Łódz's Special Economic Zone.

The value of the project without furnishing will amount to 16 million zł. The whole is financed by the Łódz's Special Economic Zone from its own means.

About 70% of works has been already done. In almost all structures, there is a raw closed state. It means, that all external construction works, the roof, windows, doors, and connecting of most installations and heating - says Marcin Kwintkiewicz, spokesman of Łódz's Special Economic Zone. Works are getting further: partitions walls are being put currently, finishing works will be done next. Decorative cast-iron slabs and parking for bicycles will be done in front of the factory. Green areas with benches will be also done.

Characteristic element in the building complex of Grohman's Factory is 5-tier water tower. Panoramic lift will be mounted on its external part. Important element is employing materials, design and paving from the epoch in the buildings. Rebuilt fragments of elevation will be created from the glass and aluminium.

Architectonic Studio AGG Architekci Grupa Grabowski is responsible for the architectonic project, however consortium of companies whose leader is MC Kontrakty Budowlane is responsible for its execution. Project is accepted by Voivodeship Preservationist in Łódz.

Contractor was given a task, so as to make a factory ready-made until the March and be able to take new leaseholders and employees of the zone. We just have to get an occupancy permit. I hope that we will have a chance of admiring the effects of the works already in April - says Tomasz Sadzyński, Chairperson of Łódz's Special Economic Zone.

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