The office center is rising in Poznań

The visualization of the office complex ABC
ABC complex is located in Poznań, near Metalowa street
Marlech company is now rising the second out of eventual three office buildings that will compose ABC complex in Poznań.

ABC office complex is located near Metalowa street in Poznań, on Grunwald. Eventually, it will consist of three buildings and each building will offer four ground levels and one underground level.

First building with floor space of over 1 000 sq meters has been already commissioned and sold in 2010.

Currently, the works are running for B office building, the biggest one in the complex. It will include two wings of joint area of 5 000 sq meters. It will also offer an underground parking lot with 52 parking places of 1 5000 sq meters. Lessees will be also able to park outside the building.

Last, third building offers space of 1000 sq meters. All of the buildings offer high class space (B level) for either sale or hire.

The complex enables to quickly reach the crucial points of the city, including the very center of Poznań, Main Railway Station, Airport Ławica and International Fair of Poznań. In the neighborhood, there are also A2 highway and the western ring road PoznańS11.

Marlech Sp. z o. o., a company with its premises in Poznań, is the investor. TELKO-POZ Sp. z o.o. is a general contractor, who is responsible also for the commercialization.

Poznań is becoming very attractive for office investments. Such buildings are currently risings as Business Garden Park Poznań, contracted by SwedeCenter, or The Center of Advanced Technologies Nobel Tower. Modern office spaces in Poznań are also offered by Szyperska Office Center, Lofty Ułańskie and the office building Temida.



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