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The office complex Olivia Business Centre
The office complex Olivia Business Centre
The programme of internships, workshops and seminars starts. It was created by The University of Gdańsk and the office complex Olivia Business Centre.

On February, 8 in Olivia Business Centre complex in Gdańsk, an inauguration of Olivia Campus programme will take place. It is a result of the co-operation between The University of Gdańsk and Olivia Business Centre office complex. Space in the complex will be hired by such companies as, Goyello, Sii, or Bayer. All of them are partners of the programme.

Labour market is becoming harder and employers are now looking not only for the people who are educated, but also for the experienced ones. However, many students graduate of their universities without any professional experience. Thus, Olivia Campus programme was developed with students in mind in order to introduce and develop the co-operation between business world and academic environment. It will enable students to adjust to labour market.

At the beginning, the programme will be joined by 35 best students of last years of The University of Gdańsk. They will be able to participate in internships, workshops and seminars, which were developed with them in mind. It is worth emphasizing that the grades obtained by students at the end of the course will influence their final grades of completing studies.

Students and companies interested in participating in the programme can use a special web site Olivia Campus, where all information is included.

Olivia Business Centre is located near Grunwaldzka avenue in Gdańsk. It comprises of three buildings, Olivia Gate, Olivia Tower i Olivia Point, which offer joint area of 120 000 sq meters of modern office space.

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