First permit in Kraków Special Economic Zone in 2013

Kraków Technology Park has issued the first permit in 2013 for operating in Kraków Special Economic Zone (KSSE)

The permit for operating in Kraków Special Economic Zone has been required by the company Dinozatorland Sp. z o.o. This is the first permit issued by Kraków Technology Park in 2013 and at the same time the permit no. 114 since the company's beginnings.

In Kraków Special Economic Zone Dinozatorland's investment outlays are to amount to 3,3 million PLN. The company is to execute a project in the sub-zone Zator, which is the youngest and the fastest developing sub-zone in Kraków Special Economic Zone. So far 9 permits have been issued in this sub-zone.

Dinozatorland offers i.a. repairs and conservation of transport and building equipment. The company's strong position concerns the forklift industry, podiums and self-propelled trucks.

Kraków Technology Park was established in 1997 and manages Kraków Special Economic Zone. Kraków Special Economic Zone comprises 25 sub-zones in 23 communes. Within Kraków Special Economic Zone over 10,000 workplaces were created and the amount of financial outlays amounted to 1,7 billion PLN. Companies such as Car Technology, Unipress, Comarch, RR Donnelley, Motorola, Shell czy MAN Trucks operate in this zone. Businessmen who decide to operate its enterprise in SSE (Special Economic Zones) can count for state aid. The zone is dedicated to all companies from the industrial sector, apart from companies that produce licensed products and some companies from the service sector. Technology Incubator also operates in Kraków Special Economic Zone.

According to the Regulation of the Council of Ministers, Special Economic Zones are operate to 2020.


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