15 years of zones

Special economic zones in Poland are 15 years old. During this time, within them investments of over 80 billion zloty worth were carried out.

On 11 February a spot advertising Poland's special economic zones was broadcasted on TV channels. This was the first such initiative of SSE (special economic zone). In order to advertise the zones' offer, partnership management boards decided to prepare together an advertising campaign. On 25 February, magazine supplements depicting SSE's history, successes and plans are to be published. Kraków Technology Park is responsible for campaign's preparation and realisation. 

Zones have been operating in Poland for 15 years now and thanks to them 250,000 workplaces have been created plus over million in their neighbourhood. 1,500 new investments have been carried out which value amounted to over 80 billion zloty (PLN). By a decree of the  Council of Ministers of Poland zones are to be closed down in 2020.

The 15th anniversary of SSE in Poland is the perfect moment to summarise their efficiency. Krystyna Sadowska, the Director of Marketing and Promotion Division of Kraków Technology Park underlines, “Zones have become an important tool for the development of economy in our country and Polish and foreign investors have accommodated many investment projects in their areas. With a view to develop innovative enterprises, many zones conduct strategic activities connected with creation of modern economy. Owing to zones, technology parks, incubators and favoring development clusters have been established. Partnerships which manage zones take an active part in creation of regional innovation strategies. They create tools of regional development which effectively speed up advancement of innovative projects. They build bridges between science and business. They conduct soft projects which accelerate transfer of technolgies, teach both academic and high school students how to manage own business, promote resourcefulness and open approach to innovations. Additionally, they carry out research projects which are to determine road maps for economic improvement of regions."

Below we present the spot which advertisies special economic zones in Poland.


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