CBRE's revenue amounts to $6.5 billion

Office building International Business Center in Warsaw
Office building International Business Center in Warsaw
The advisory company CBRE has announced its financial results for 2012. Since last year the company's revenue has increased by 10%.

Revenue of the whole CBRE Group for 2012 amounted to $6.5 billion which indicates financial growth by 10% in comparison to the previous year. This is the best result in the company's history. In the fourth quarter of 2012 revenues amounted to $2 billion and were by 14% higher than in corresponding period in 2011. In addition, the year 2012 in Poland has been the best year since the CBRE undertook business activity in this country.

"Financial results of CBRE are the visible effects of our team's business plan. Without hard work it would be difficult to achieve our goals. When we look into future, the projects for 2013 give hope that the next year will be as good as the previous one. The same situation involves the whole CBRE Group," said Colin Waddell, Managing Director, CBRE Poland.

Good results in Poland are mainly caused by strong growth in market share of the department’s capital market and new huge contracts. The sum of transactions in Poland, during which CBRE was the adviser, amounted to over €680 million. In 2011 this value amounted to €370 million.

The biggest transactions on the office market, in which CBRE participated, were the purchases of office buildings  Warsaw Financial Center, International Business Center and  Renaissance as well as the sale of the real estate Marszałkowska 76.

In 2012 the company participated in a lease of over 182,000 sq m of office spaces in Warsaw as well as the biggest regional centres. The biggest of those transactions was the lease of almost 19,000 sq m by Bank BHP in the office building Euro Office Park in Trójmiasto, 12,600 sq m by Poczta Polska in the building Domaniewska 37C in Warsaw and almost 9,000 sq m in the office building Feniks by Bank Ochrony Środowiska.

"Poland seems to consolidate its economic position in Europe and benefits are clearly visible  on the vigourosly developing commercial real estate market. Companies such as CBRE should take advantage of these activities which can be observed on the market. We are expecting similar situation in 2013 and the following years," sums up Colid Waddell.

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